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The conditioning complex with vitamin E, lanolin and aloe extract,
nourishes delicate skin and gives you soft, elastic lips resistant
to chapping. The light silky texture with long-lasting pigments
guarantees color and elegance for hours.


Contains protecting and intensely moisturizing elements. Properly selected polymers provide intensive gloss and a wet
colour effect. Specially modified mineral clay added to the formula guarantees lasting and even coating of colour on the lips.
Due to the special shape of applicator, the use of this lip gloss is particularly pleasant and it can be precisely spread.

lip stain mat

Weightless, moisturizing lip stain for an extra durable effect. It offers a beautiful, satured, yet quite a natural color.
Feels very light on the lips, they are well-moistened and cushiony soft.
Apart from giving a uniform coverage, it leaves a delicate, protective film without drying out the skin.
It guarantees good moisturizing and has an impressive staying power.